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Gerdus Brönn

Be inspired, the possibilities are endless. Every day can be filled with creative Joy!

My life as a full time artist. Read my story below

The art


  • This is where your creative juices need to flow. The art studio needs good lighting. And good air circulation. You need enough workspace.
  • I also need my audiobooks. Let me know what you are listening to right now. I am now listening to Shogun by James Clavell . Have you listened to this yet?
  • Then you need inspiration. I am drawing inspiration from the scenery and the people around me.
  • I am super excited to announce that we now include free delivery worldwide

My soul driven art journey has helped many who have craved changing to a live filled with creativity. I will be so happy to share my knowledge with you and nourish your soul. Let us talk art and about life to awake your creative side.

Where can you see my work?

At the moment our work is available at Silver Hills Gems at Hartbeespoort, also just known as The Rockshop. Because of Covid 19 we were unable to return to our house in Mauritius and because of the difficulties of travel at this stage we have decided to stay in South Africa where we can see our family as often as we want. I have removed all the work that is currently available in Mauritius and I am just displaying work that is available for sale here at my current studio at 74 Scott street, Hartbeespoort. My style has also changed to a more expressive style and I am thus rebranding myself. Watch this space!


My work is for sale in two places online. The one is and I have found singulart to be the best sales platform for us. They have free shipping and a free return policy if you are not happy with the work you receive. So please see my available work on the link below and feel free to click through to any one of the online platforms. 

Free shipping globally!

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74 Scott street, Hartbeespoort, South Africa




You are welcome at the studio anytime. Just give me a call before you get here. Remember that shipping is included in the price of your painting to anywhere in the world. 

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