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Gerdus Brönn

Be inspired, the possibilities are endless. Every day can be filled with creative Joy!

My life as a full time artist. Read my story below

The art


  • This is where your creative juices need to flow. The art studio needs good lighting. And good air circulation. You need enough workspace.
  • I also need my audiobooks. Let me know what you are listening to right now. I am now listening to Shogun by James Clavell . Have you listened to this yet?
  • Then you need inspiration. I am drawing inspiration from the scenery and the people around me.
  • I am super excited to announce that we now include free delivery worldwide

My latest jabberings and creative blog below

My soul driven art journey has helped many who have craved changing to a live filled with creativity. I will be so happy to share my knowledge with you and nourish your soul. Let us talk art and about life to awake your creative side.

The Spiritual Corner

I get so much inspiration from the beautiful people of Mauritius around me. Many are so spiritual and we have so much we can share with each other.

This section is my spiritual blog and I would love to see the light in you. We are all made in the likeness of God.

An artist takes his inspiration from his environment. To find a ready market you can start by painting the well-known landscapes around you. Tourists love to take home something that will remind them of places they have been to. I recently started to combine some well-known sights with abstract features. The combination is always unusual and fun. Let me show you how to break away from painting only what you see!

Landscapes that inspire me


The people around us


When you start observing people you will see so much color around you. All of us makes up the painting that is life. I remember they taught us one valuable lesson in art school. Paint once but look twice. Learn to see the world around you with fresh eyes and the beauty will come to you.

I would love to see what you are painting. Send me your ideas and I will help you to see if they will work in your next painting.

Who do you paint for?

One of the important questions you should ask yourself is this one. Who is my market? If you paint pets then your market will be pet owners.

I had to answer this question to find my niche in Mauritius. I have painted for the largest market here and that is the tourist market but I prefer to make paintings for the people who buy an investment property here. I will call them “the discerning buyers”. They have invested time and energy in choosing the right space where they will be happy. But they might just lack original art to change the place from great to awesome. These are my buyers. See where I display my works to get them in front of my discerning customers below. 


Raymond saw my work at RocheBoboise and then commissioned me to paint this stunning large triptych for him. It changed the whole room. Let me do the same for you.


Yuni is this amazing decor store that sells quality furniture at the right price. My paintings at their shop in Black River is a match made in heaven. My work compliments their furniture and vice versa.


On of the largest developers on the Island has just become my customer and I look forward to an amazing creative journey with them. Quite a few of my current oil paintings can be seen at their brand new building at Pointe de Cannoniers


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