The past year has been a real rollercoaster ride. We went to South Africa on a repatriation flight to just visit the kids and family and then return to Mauritius. It is now a year later and I finally made it back here. Why did we stay so long? It was all about the ease of travel. They required South Africans to go somewhere for two weeks. Yes, you had to prove that you were out of SA for two weeks and then you could fly to your home in Mauritius but you also had to complete a 2-week mandatory quarantine. It was not why I signed up to live here. I am just 4 hours away from my family and we want to visit often. In the past year while I was away there were no direct flights from SA to Mauritius. Covid really messed up the world for so many people. Us included.

I was just getting known as one of the premier equine artists in South Africa and my horse paintings were selling well. But our dream was still in Mauritius. We wanted to open a gallery in Mauritius and finally, it is happening. In the coming week, I will put up my signs, and then we will open our doors. What is our unique difference? let me tell you. I paint on commission. My latest client is the Government of Mauritius. I am painting 8 scenes of historical significance, pictures to be decided by the client and me. The Blue Penny Museum is the first one I completed. See the blog post picture. All will be revealed.

But the most exciting thing to happen in my immediate future is the creation of The Painted Dodo range.

My creative juices are overflowing and I have dozens of images planned. I am bringing the Dodo back to life. The Dodo will be everywhere on the Island, we humanity killed the Dodo but we can resurrect its memory through art. I see my Dodo in Hotel rooms and in gift shops all over the Island. If you want to become part of my success I would love to talk to you as an investor in stock and a share of the profits. I will make a success and the early adopters will be my clients.

My painting stock is in the harbor and will be in the gallery in a week from now. I have 88 paintings of various sizes that will be unpacked.  Seven of them are already on order.