To get to Cheung Chau Island you can take the slow or the fast ferry. It has a more authentic far East feel than Hong Kong. The island has no vehicles and life is much slower than Hong Kong. After ten years of visiting Hong Kong for business, we decided to explore and stay in the outlying islands and that is how we discovered Cheung Chau.

I will tell you a few stories about our visits to Cheung Chau. We once stayed in The Warwick hotel and then wanted to go back there to stay at the same hotel. I booked 4 months in advance and was happy to get a room at a fair price with a beach view. We arrived at the hotel and I was very frustrated when they could not find my booking even with my printout in hand. The manager was super friendly and promised to follow up and gave us our room keys. We hardly settled in our room when there was a knock at the door. The manager himself was at the door and laughed and laughed while looking at our booking. I could not see what was so funny. Then Annalie looked and also laughed. I booked a year in advance. But this is quite common. I can be so scatterbrained. I have done this countless times. We have missed planes and had some crazy bookings in the past.

The next time we visited Cheung Chau was with my Dad. It was extremely hot and humid that day and we decided to buy swimming trunks to go swimming. Most of the stylish trunks were too expensive but we did get a shop that had knee-length Haiwaian design trunks. We were very colorful after donning them and managed to get in our swim. But as soon as we left the water we were soaked in sweat again. Memories are so precious. When you are in that situation you often hate it but look back at your memories with fond nostalgia.

This painting started when we landed in Hong Kong during monsoon rains. It was all so drab and the cost of the hotels was again so prohibitively expensive and we decided to go and stay in Cheung Chau. I wanted to take some photos for future reference. We booked a room online and it turned out to be terribly dirty and totally below our standards. I refused to stay there and was then upgraded to a better room. And then it started raining and it kept on raining right through the night. I remember at one stage I went outside and the street had turned into a river. Water was gushing down the street ankle deep. The sky was completely grey outside and not conducive to photography. At 5 in the afternoon, the clouds lifted and we rushed down to the harbor and I took this photo from which I made this painting. Fishermen were quite absent but the Sampans were still taking people around. The Sampans act as a taxi service between the neighboring islands and I decided to paint this one in its harbor setting because I once hired one on another visit to Cheung Chau to take me to Lantau island but that is another story.

I like this painting because I kept the colors to a simple pallet of red, blue, and green. I also played with form by repeating the small boats in the foreground. Repetition will do that. Tell me what you think? I appreciate all the comments I can get.