I met Cielo Quitessence through Kim at Stokkiesdraai Equestrian Centre. It was love at first sight. I took a series of photos and got permission to paint this beautiful horse. Cielo Quintessence is a champion jumper at 1.2 meters height.

What does it take to get a horse to this point? A lot of work and dedication. You start the horse with just a pole on the ground and then run him over that pole for several days. Then you lie down several poles on the ground 3 meters apart and one cross pole jump at a low height just after the last pole on the ground. The horse will soon get used to this and realize that you want him to jump. They then work through the different heights and at each showjumping event they have to get points and qualify to move up to a new height. And the higher the horse jumps the more valuable they become. Cielo Quintessence is already worth a million bucks. No kidding.

While we were at Stokkiesdraai Restaurant we had to look after our granddaughter for the day. To keep a not yet 2 year old toddler busy for the whole day takes some doing.

But Annalie adores little Ava and took her for a walk past the stables. Horses started neighing as they went past. They also loved Ava. They followed her with their eyes as they walked past. Horses love children!

Then we met Cielo Quintessence again at Steyn City Equestrian center and this is where I painted him.

It was the coldest day of the year and we were fortunate to sit in the clubhouse and paint there. We then learned more about Cielo Quintessence. He was born in Clarens in the Free State. and he was on stall at Steyns City Equestrian center for some time. See the photos. It is one of the top stables in South Africa.

He cut his jumping teeth here and became the horse that he is now. The owner Mindy Hunt said that he became too spirited for her to ride and then she got Kim Hathaway to ride Cielo Quintessence in competitions and they make a fine pair.

I chose the reference photo because of this great angle.

The painting was bought by the owner and it will proudly hang in the Clubhouse for a while. I am so blessed.

I can also write your horse’s story or your stud farm and paint one of your horses. Just comment and I will get in touch with you.