Who of you has played Canasta? It must be our favorite card game. We can play for hours and hours. So it is with Dodo and family. They love their card games. The story of Dodo is unfolding in the studio of Gerdus Bronn in Mauritius

What a journey! I started on this art journey when I was fairly young. I would always see art in discarded objects. And find a little bit of magic in the world around me. I am fascinated by God and the energy that he uses to keep the world spinning. Perpetual motion. Night and day, winter and summer. This is what brings balance. So I started seeing the world through the eyes of Dodo who is now back from being away for a long time. The world is new to him and he wonders about the follies of man. How man destroys the environment and chases after things that do not bring contentment and happiness.

Dodo realizes that currency pays the way. be it the currency of love or money. But sometimes these are hard to find. So few value the simple pleasures of life. Dodo loves the trickle of rain on his face and the smell of the woods after the rain. The sweet music of the Zebra doves and the haunting call of the francolin.

All Dodo asks is that he be appreciated for who he is. He believes that every person has a calling on their lives that needs to be discovered. As a creative person Dodo finds it hard to reach people who will listen to his message. He has discovered that many people live their lives on their social media platforms and so he also had to adapt to stay in contact. He feels the fear of a humanity that has just gone under the yoke of a worldwide pandemic. But his message is that there is a future beyond the fears of today. He feels that God is drawing him into a deeper spiritual walk and spreading the message of His love.

By supporting Dodo you will ensure that his message is spread to all corners of the globe. Dodo wants to know what you feel and would like to count you as his friend. Dodo has brought out some merchandise to help him finance his journey. See the links on the right and please leave your comments.

We will add more items to the range daily. Dodo only spends an hour or two on expanding the range each day.