My journey started when I visited Mauritius in 2018, as a keen birder I did some of the walking trails and tried to spot a few rare species like the Mascareen Paradise flycatcher, the Echo Parakeet,

the Olive white eye, and the Mauritius Kestrel. So as an artist it did not take long before I started with my sketches and watercolors to do a range of the world-famous Dodo.

The whole idea behind the Dodo is to create a fun range that can be used on a variety of merchandise. The Dodo is back from extinction in my studio and is taking up all the trades and services in Mauritius.

So lately the Dodo has been looking at the preservation of other endangered species in Mauritius. It is such a fascinating subject. Therefore we have started this NFT range specifically designed around partnering with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation to save some of the other endangered species. The strategy is to build a community of people who think like us. Then we release these digital tokens

of the Dodos on the Ethereum blockchain and then a large portion of funds are given to the MWF for preservation. The donation contract is written up as a Smart Contract on the blockchain. Well, maybe you don’t know what that means. It is all technical jargon. It just means that the birds which are threatened will be helped.

So what must you do?

  • Join our discord community.
  • Then become involved in the Discord community by inviting your friends. We would love to have a community that really cares about the issues that we face with the saving of endangered species.

How do I join? Use this invite.

You can win an NFT if you participate in the discord  (community) Please write and share your ideas and the bot will move you through the ranks. The first to reach the top wins a NFT. We can’t wait for you to become a part of our community. More about the other advantages by buying our famous Dodo NFTs in the next blog.