Wow, can you believe that Dodo actually owns an Ariel Atom. Yes, it is for real. One of the only true racing cars approved for road use. Dodo loves to turn heads as he drives around in his Ariel Atom.

Dodo likes his car so much that he asked Gerdus Bronn to draw a picture of him and his dear wife Virginie in their Ariel Atom. And now he has released a range of items on which it is printed. You have to see this. It is amazing!

Dodo is now thinking about how far he can take this new concept. But no more time today. Things to do places to go.

Follow Dodo on his journey. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page to get all the updates on Dodo and his exploits. Dodo reached out to printing partners all over the world and he found out that he can have his image printed everywhere and so give people affordable shipping. He loves it!

Ariel Atom – Every so often something comes along that changes the way we think. Nobody knows it at the time but it will become an icon. The Ariel Atom is such a product, no compromises. It’s unique, it’s original and nothing else comes close. Nothing at all. Form following function and design with a purpose. Unique design, beautiful craftsmanship, and astonishing performance. The bottom line is stunningly serious fun.  Quality engineering and components that outclass every car in its field. In performance the Ariel Atom surpasses practically any vehicle. The Ariel Atom delivers like nothing else you’ll drive, time to take the challenge –

Less is More! The full range of Ariel vehicles weigh between 1350-1800 pounds, which allows for a phenomenal power to weight ratio regardless of the model. Many drivers love to boast about the 0-60 times of their vehicles; an Ariel Atom 4 will allow for sub-3 second boasts! Handling and braking are also positively impacted by reduced mass. Nimble and agile are terms that certainly fit an Ariel.