I go real big

The people at RocheBoboise gave me this lead. One of their clients visited the store and asked if I could make a special painting for them.

The difficulty is always to determine what the client wants. our new clients wanted something abstract with lots of color. i loved the challenge and created a special Google photo page where I up loaded 8 images. They then indicated that they wanted something related to golf and maybe some Flamboyant trees. I made a new design and the feedback was that it was too green. They also wanted something Mauritian.

So I made a new proposal and went as far as having it printed on canvas and then fixing the canvas in place. They loved certain elements but not others. I then changed the design again and came up with something with a lot of movement and soul. There was no response from the clients for 6 weeks and I got restless and decided to paint my idea anyway. It came out stunning. I could not wait to show it to the client.

They liked certain elements but it was too shiny. The painting had a glare when viewed from a certain angle because I did it in oil and the alkyd I used in the oil added a slight sheen sheen to the surface. Can you remove the glare and take out some of the elements I was asked. So I decided to paint a new painting in acrylics. This time I was going to do one huge canvas. But the client wanted a triptych. So here is the triptych that took me two weeks to paint.

I started with a design that included all the colors in their living space. Again they wanted some changes. The browns and orange bothered them. I then decided to get rid of all the other colors and keep the painting in blue. You can call it 20 shades of blue. This time the clients loved it.

Please tell me how your dealings has been with your clients. Use the comments blog to leave your comments.