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I was the last of 4 children. We came quickly. My eldest brother is only 4.5 years older than me.

My father was a farmer and I grew up on a farm in South Africa. This was in the time of Apartheid, but what does a small child know of such things. For us it was just the way it is. We owned the land and the workers worked on the farm. My Dad was artistic and so was my uncle who became famous. He was my grandma’s brother Zakkie Elloff. We grew up dirt poor and had toys made out of bone and tin.

I can not remember painting as a youngster. All I knew was that my Dad had very soft pencils and a sketch book. He often drew people that came to visit.

Life on the farm consisted going with Ouma to fetch the chicken eggs. Dodging the turkeys and playing with my African friends. We often went fishing in the Limpopo river and as I grew up I had to hunt as well. I do not hunt anymore. All life is sacred to me now. Where did you grow up and was it carefree or not?