Gerdus Brönn

The Dodo Empire

My life as a full time artist. Read my story below

Gerdus Bronn, artist


The Art Studio

  • This is where your creative juices need to flow. The art studio needs good lighting. And good air circulation. You need enough workspace.
  • I also need my audiobooks. Let me know what you are listening to right now. I am now listening to Shogun by James Clavell . Have you listened to this yet?
  • Then you need inspiration. I am drawing inspiration from the scenery and the people around me.

Where can you see my work?

My work can be seen at my gallery/studio in Peryebere, Grand Baie, Mauritius


My work is for sale in two places online for international buyers. The one is and Singulart has free shipping and a free return policy. So please see my available work on the link below and feel free to click through to any one of the online platforms.

The Dodo in the botanical gardens


Reach Us


Chemin 20 Pieds, Near Macumba Shop, Pereybere, Grand Baie


+230 59386115


You are welcome at the studio anytime.  We would love to meet you

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