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We all want peace

We all want peace

All of us want that sweet place in our lives where we experience peace. Many people practice different forms of meditation to reach this state of contentment. The theory looks like this. If you can quiet all your thoughts and only focus on one thing you will reach...

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I am discovering my Moyo

It is early 2021 and the world as we know it has changed. I remember when it was possible to decide to fly to Hong Kong tomorrow and buy the tickets today. Travel was easy and the world was there to see and experience. Now we are grounded. But as an artist we have to...

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Mauritius our new home!

  Who doesn't dream of staying on an exotic tropical island and just paint all day! "I said to myself. 'When you make a change, make sure that it is a lifestyle change this time'. You can always change locations but not all of us are capable of making a lifestyle...

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