Back in Mauritius

Back in Mauritius

The past year has been a real rollercoaster ride. We went to South Africa on a repatriation flight to just visit the kids and family and then return to Mauritius. It is now a year later and I finally made it back here. Why did we stay so long? It was all about the...

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I am discovering my Moyo

It is early 2021 and the world as we know it has changed. I remember when it was possible to decide to fly to Hong Kong tomorrow and buy the tickets today. Travel was easy and the world was there to see and experience. Now we are grounded. But as an artist we have to...

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Mauritius our new home!

  Who doesn't dream of staying on an exotic tropical island and just paint all day! "I said to myself. 'When you make a change, make sure that it is a lifestyle change this time'. You can always change locations but not all of us are capable of making a lifestyle...

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Mining aquamarine in Malawi

This must be one of the craziest times of my life. It looked like such a good business when I started with it and I thought it would be my big break in life. I left Annalie to run the business back in Hartbeespoort and set off on a fact-finding mission to Malawi. I...

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I became a rockhound

After the fire where our shop burnt to the ground, we sifted through the ashes of the devastating fire and found only burnt pieces of jewelry and discolored rocks. I remember a large sphere of rose quartz that turned brown and was completely crazed by the heat of the...

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Potting in Doornrandjes

The year was 1988. We were proud landowners on a property without water and electricity. And the neighbor's cows roamed through our property. My first priority was to get a pot out of the kiln so that we could start to make a living. So we decided to build the studio...

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Pottering around in Steenbokpan

A Steenbok is a small antelope found in Southern Africa. And a pan is a pan. (A small body of seasonal water.) The name of our village was Steenbokpan and we were the proud owners of the first Post Box in Steenbokpan. Mailing a letter to us would be addressed to: P O...

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The road less traveled

After doing pottery for almost a lifetime we traveled all over the world rockhounding. While in Tucson, Arizona on one of our crystal and mineral rockhounding trips, it just happened that this quote of Jerry Seinfeld came to mind, "Sometimes the road less traveled is...

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Becoming a potter

We often reminisce about the good old days but I would think of my life as a pioneer as one of extremely hard work and many difficulties. I love watching programs like Gold Rush or Alaskan recluses because that is how my life was as a youngster starting a family and...

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Watching time go by in Zambia

Some musings by Annalie thinking back on our exciting history while sourcing minerals in Africa. Watching time go by, few of us had the opportunity or time to sit and watch people passing by. In the pre Covid19 era we were all to busy to notice what is going on around...

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Our History

  Gerdus and Annalie lives in stunning Mauritius Who is Gerdus Bronn? Gerdus studied art at the Pretoria Art Ballet and Music School and then furthered his studies at the Pretoria Technikon in art and finally specializing in ceramics While he studied and after...

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Growing up in Steenbokpan

I was the last of 4 children. We came quickly. My eldest brother is only 4.5 years older than me. My father was a farmer and I grew up on a farm in South Africa. This was in the time of Apartheid, but what does a small child know of such things. For us it was just the...

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