Many of you who follow me must be asking why Gerdus Bronn is just painting horses now.

Let me tell you what happened and you will have an idea of the direction we are now pursuing.

On the 5th of June I fell off the roof and broke my ankle in two places. It was a bad break. I am sure you are asking me what I was doing on the roof. Since moving into the flat at the shop we have struggled with the internet. I have tried repeaters and an extra wifi rooter but nothing worked. I then decided to pull a cable directly from the office to my lounge. to improve my situation. While feeding the cable through the roof I had to step down the ladder once more and then the ladder gave way and I fell. I had to wait a week before the swelling went down enough to be operated on. I am now the proud owner of lots and lots of screws in my leg. I was told to keep the leg up to avoid swelling. That is when I made the decision to focus on one form of art and eventually become known as one of the best equine artist.

With my leg up and sitting in my recliner chair I decided to take up my watercolor pad again and do a booklet of horse sketches in pen and watercolor. The next step would be to make contact with potential buyers in the equine world. As soon as we can move again I will start contacting people involved in publications and charity organizations as well as breeders to see how we can work together.

We will bring out a range of merchandise that will originate from the sketches I am doing now.

i am asking my friends and followers and collectors out there to give me some leads of people I can contact in the equine world.

We will paint your pony or horse. A watercolor makes a great gift for someone. It is a forever gift. I also paint people with horses. My portraiture is as good as my horse paintings.

The next step to reach our potential market will be to do live paintings at equine events such as equestrian events. I invite anybody who has an event coming up to contact us. We will love to do a painting at your event.

I am looking forward to our new journey.