We have partnered with Printful to bring you an amazing range of Dodo merchandise. The Dodo is now world-famous and will be available in all countries.

How does this work? You order your favorite Dodo image either on a poster, T-shirt or mug

and it will be printed and delivered to you from the closest Printful center near you. Let’s say you live in America and love the drawings, you will order online in this store and the items will be manufactured in the USA and delivered to you at a minimal cost. Try it out, add an item to your cart and fill in your address and see what the items postage will cost you. You will be amazed. And the quality will be top-notched. Guaranteed!

Our range is growing and we will add more items to our shop in the days to come. You can also visit our Atelier and buy original Dodo paintings or some printed canvases. Some items are only available online.

I look out to your visit to our online and physical stores. If you don’t see the design there that you want you can always email or WhatsApp me and I will make sure that I upload it as soon as possible.