There are several ways for artists to get involved in the art market in Dubai. Some ways include:

  1. Participating in art fairs: Art Dubai is the major art fair in the city, and it attracts galleries and artists from around the world. Participating in this fair can provide artists with the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience and connect with galleries and collectors. I will participate in an art fair in 2023. We are looking at Dubai
  2. Showcasing work at galleries: There are several high-end galleries in the city, such as Ayyam Gallery and Carbon 12, that represent established and emerging artists. Building a relationship with a gallery can provide artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in solo and group exhibitions. Building relationships take time. It is through relationships that an art gallery will invite you to take part in an exhibition.
  3. Applying for residencies: There are several artist residencies in the city, such as the Tashkeel Residency, that provide artists with the opportunity to live and work in Dubai while also engaging with the local art scene. As an older artist it is more difficult to get a residency. It is also more prone to be given to Emiratis
  4. Participating in exhibitions: There are also several government-supported institutions, such as the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, which organize exhibitions and events throughout the year.
  5. Building a network: Dubai has a vibrant art community, and artists can get involved by networking with other artists, gallerists, curators, and collectors. Joining artist groups, attending art events, and participating in critiques and workshops can help establish connections and build a reputation within the art scene. This is an ongoing process. Follow important artist and comment on their work.

It’s worth noting that it’s important for artists to research and understand the cultural and social dynamics of the place before getting involved and also the process of obtaining a visa to work and live in Dubai may vary for each individual.

We have been to Dubai in February 2023 and have visited all the galleries and had the opportunity to talk to gallerist and curators. There are definitely opportunities for emerging artist with drive and energy.  Is there anybody that wants to chat to us about this?