French Windmill In Port Louis


Size: 90 x 70 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Description: At first I thought it was a Dutch windmill but no it was built by the French in 1763. That is pretty old. One of the many historical landmarks in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. The real beauty of this painting is in the treatment of the rock wall in the foreground. I started using all the paint on my canvas and this is what turned out.

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French windmill

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I did this one because I am painting most of the historical buildings with the intention of putting them into print one day. I want to publish a coffee table book with the tittle Hidden Gems of Mauritius. It is now a museum. During the governmentship of Mahé de La Bourdonnais in 1736, a windmill was built so as to provide flour to dockworkers in the harbour. It was then abandoned during the beginning of the twentieth century. Nowadays, it houses a small museum.The windmill museum is located next to Caudan Waterfront.


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