The Mona Smirk


  1. Size: 160x160x4cm

Medium: oil and acrylics on canvas

Frame: Unframed, stretched on a wooden frame

The Mona smirk is a modern take on Leonardo’s painting The Mona Lisa. The artist remembers visiting this painting in the Louvre. It took time to get through the throngs of people and he could only glance at the painting for less than a minute before he was told to move on. But he revisited this painting by painting the classic lady. He found it rather difficult to paint the subtle shades. It felt as if she was asking, Oh you thought you could paint me?. This is his interpretation of the painting. The background is done in textured acrylics with modern striking colors and the face in oil painting. Done on heavy canvas and stretched on a sturdy wooden frame. Mounted deep to give it a modern touch

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