Le Sel, Tamarin


Size: 810x1140mm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Description: So much of the history of Mauritius has disappeared. Le Sel in Black River/Tamarin is hanging on for dear life. I wanted to paint this before it was no more. That is what makes art unique. As an artist we can capture something for posterity.  They still collect salt once a week if it does not rain too much. The collectors get paid for every basket they bring to the store room. They get a disc for every basket and then trade in the discs for money at the end of the day.

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Le Sel

See how this painting look in a modern environment

The use of the pallete knife and the vibrant colors talks to the viewer. The paint can be felt on the painting. A true reflection of the distant past of Mauritius.

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Dimensions 120 × 86 × 9 cm


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