This is day 8 of a lockdown on the beautiful island of Mauritius. The virus has the whole world upside down and we were not spared.

They say that being an artist is the second safest occupation in the case of a pandemic. We work from home anyway. I have so many conflicting thoughts on this handling of the virus. The overriding thought going through my mind is the spreading of fear. There are so many reports going around of people dying and hospitals that are getting crowded in places like Italy.

I understand that many people get the virus with asymptomatic indications. And that 95% of the people recover in a few days. A friend of mine who visited America fell ill and had himself tested only to find out that he contacted Covid 19. He had none of the symptoms. He self-isolated and is fine now after 16 days. So my question is this. How many people actually have the virus already and how many recover without even having been reported. Further to this, I can say that it might be tough on the economy of the world. Australia is looking at a 20% unemployment when this is over. Ouch!

Enough of that. My view is this. Branding yourself as an artist takes time. It will take you at least five years to be noticed. I am in Mauritius a year and a bit. So I will just buckle down and keep on painting. The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation will air a 30 minute program on my art because of a pending exhibition in May here in Mauritius. This is all part of brand building. The one who shouts the loudest will be noticed. I have been busy while I am in lockdown with painting Kelly’s two girls.

And painting Thiery’s house.

I also did a painting for my friend Pieter for a new villa he is buying here in Mauritius.

Life must go on.

Stay safe and seek God. You will make it through this and people will buy our art again!