The artist studio is often determined by the space they occupy. For many people, it may be the single studio room they occupy. Or a corner table where you do your watercolors or small oil paintings.

I worked in my garage for some time and the car had to sleep outside. The result was sun damage on the car and the lining of the roof collapsing. It was rather funny. I climbed into the Opel and wondered what was touching my head. When I looked up I saw that the roof lining was loose. I then had to lower my seat 3 notches just to drive my car. Annalie thought it was rather funny. It has been fixed.

I have now moved to a new space where my studio is in my house. And it provides me with all the space I need. I love starting a canvas on a flat surface and then put up the canvas against a larger surface on a large easel where I complete the painting in oil paint.

Now I am in South Africa for a season and I had to adapt again to the space that was available. I do a lot of my work in an outside space with a high zinc roof. In my new quest to develop a distinctive style, I started using a lot of texture paste mixed with paint. This is a rather messy business and I often have paint all over my hands. I love to listen to audiobooks while I work. And I love lengthy audiobooks. Sci-Fi, detective stories, or anything else that is great to listen to is what I now listen to.

I have a second studio at my kids place where I make all the frames for the canvases. This space is an ideal studio due to the thatch roof that keeps the place cool during the day. But it is too far to drive to each day.

I also have the privilege of helping grandchildren here in South Africa

Or the smaller variety that likes to dismantle Oupa’s paintstand

I occupy a corner of the storeroom now but am not complaining. Gilbert my working companion plays his own music in his corner and I mine. Every week my art materials are getting more and more but this is now on the shelf to the right. Also, notice my neat oil paint stand next to the easel.

This is my outside space where I tackle larger canvasses. I love starting out flat first and cover the canvas with my primary layers with pallet knives. The largest one is about 25 cm long! Notice the easels ready for my exhibition in two weeks.

Tell me about your studio and send me a photo please.