Someone once said that Golf is an easy game but hard to play. So true, I can vouch for that. I learned how to play golf when I was young and studied books on the perfect drive and short game. But I was never that good at golf. My handicap remained in the high twenties

I loved the times with my son when we went out to play the mashie courses around us. These offered short games that can be done fairly quickly. playing with a limited amount of clubs.

We played before golf carts became the norm. So it usually involved a lot of walking.

I remember playing at Pinnacle point where I lost a lot of balls. One of the sayings I also enjoyed is the one where Dodo says that he can drive 300 yards in his cart. This is said tongue in the cheek. Very few golfers can drive their ball that far.

So my golfing inspiration comes from spending time on the course. Dodo is now eternalized on the canvas playing golf.

There is the perfect drive and Dodo is getting good at it.

Then there is the angry golfer who rants and raves after each shot.

Then there is the cheating golfer who can’t find his ball and drops a new one. He was not willing to take a lower score or go back and hit another ball.

Dodo even has a golf cart that he fitted with solar. I want to get the message out that Dodo is all for saving the planet and going green.

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