All of us want that sweet place in our lives where we experience peace. Many people practice different forms of meditation to reach this state of contentment. The theory looks like this. If you can quiet all your thoughts and only focus on one thing you will reach this state of Nirvana.

In every religion and metaphysical practice, we will find the same principle.

I will tell you about my experiences looking for contentment. I was in art school when I first searched for peace. As art student we tried many things and weed was one of them. Smoking weed will give you a sense of peace but might give you a state of depression after the effects of the weed have left. And this is the problem with most self-help efforts of attaining Nirvana.

I became a Christian at the age of 17 and that is when I first experience real peace. Jesus called it a peace that passes all understanding. He said it is peace that comes from above. When you get into the presence of God he fills you with this peace. This is what I have discovered. Religion can never give you this peace, Only God. You have to enter into His presence. Man is spirit that lives in a body and who possesses a soul. You can be ruled by your spirit or your soul. Soulish people always strive for more knowledge to reach a place of contentment and superiority but true spirit-led people have a humbleness because they realize that this kind of peace is a gift from God and not something you can attain by yourself. Once you enter God’s presence you will exit with this amazing peace. This leads us to the obvious conclusion. We have to learn how to enter the presence of God. This can only be done by denying yourself and surrendering to God.

The ideal is to live in an open heaven. An open heaven is when God’s blessings are felt tangibly. We recently had such an experience. We felt led down by several people who promised to come to the opening of our one-man exhibition. More than 10 people told me they would come and just did not come. We catered for 100 and 50 people came. It was very disappointing. The result was a feeling of depression that sat on me like a heavy blanket. Nothing I tried could remove this feeling. Annalie suggested that we visit the one church we knew that often had an open heaven experience. At church, we sensed the presence of God and the heaviness lifted and we both sensed the release. When drove away from the church we just looked at each other and knew that something miraculous took place. We then started operating under an open heaven and thangs started becoming easy for us.

I seriously urged you to open your heart to Jesus who can give you this peace that passes all understanding.