Imagine buying a painting online and having no cost to have it delivered to your door in about a week by DHL. That is exactly what I have done now. I have just made buying seamless. I made a study of packing and shipping and voila I am now offering shipping and packaging included in the price of any painting you buy from us.

We are true experts when it comes to packing and shipping paintings. You will get a tracking code as soon as the painting leaves my studio and then you can track and trace its journey to you.

The painting will have hooks at the back and you just need to unpack it and hang it. No stress about framing it. This is the smart way to buy art.

We will insure each painting against damage or loss and we will include a certificate of authenticity in each shipment. You can also buy more than one painting and still get free shipping. If you want us to ship the painting to an alternative address as a gift we will also do that.

And then I have just added a new plugin on the site that will allow you to make an offer on any painting. We often like something but the offered price might be a bit higher than what you want to pay. Problem solved. Click on the make an offer button and fill in the form. Let us start a dialogue about your price expectations. But just remember that the price of delivery is included in the painting and that there is no hidden cost. So make your offers reasonable