The disadvantage is that the car now have to sleep outside. I have this great space in my house where I have plenty space but alas it was just too hot to paint there. So I converted my garage into my studio. I am currently painting on a fairly large scale. My paintings average a meter in width and more. This meant that I needed a large easel that will be very stable. I started by placing a big 2.4 meter x 1.2 meter plywood sheet unto 2 chairs. I know this willl need an upgrade at some time.

I then converted an old computer stand into a painting trolley. There is a place for the brushes and a glass bottle for the paint cleaner. I covered the top with glass and this works perfect. When the glass gets full of paint you just scrape it off. I like the start working with a clean slate each day. Excuse the pun. But honestly I do not go to bed if my brushes and paint surface is clean.

I decided I do not want to be limited by the standard canvas sizes and have subsequently started painting on canvas that is unstretched. The advantage here is that you can apply more pressure to the paint surface and I often use my hands to manipulate the paint straight on the canvas. Imagine this. I add a painting medium by hand to a large surface and then whack a lot of paint unto the alkyd medium and then I start to paint with hands. So do not phone me while I am busy because I can not answer the phone with hands full of paint.

Once painted you can decide how big you want to make the painting and then wrap the painting around the edges and so avoid the cost of a frame but that is another story. In subsequent blogs I will show you all of this in more detail. Have fun and send me a photo of your studio. Please follow me on instagram @gerdusbronnart